Killzone: Take the Oath


What pack of video game nerds wouldn't be quivering in anticipation of a revolutionary next gen gaming console? When we were tasked with promoting the launch of the PlayStation 4, we couldn't have been more delighted. With the impending release of Killzone: Shadow Fall, the timing was ideal to amplify the buzz around the perfect marriage of a title and console that were made for one another. Our team was eager to take advantage of the PS4's innovative new 'share' functionality to give Killzone fans a special treat.

The Idea

The PS4's controllers include a dedicated Share button, making it easier than ever for gamers to post footage of their moves on social media. Since players would now have unprecedented access to clips of their own gameplay, we created a web experience that gave them the ability to sweeten the official Shadow Fall trailer with clips of their own epic kills.

The Execution

Prior to the launch of the PS4 the site housed the official Killzone: Shadow Fall trailer with a timer counting down the days, hours, minutes and seconds to the launch of the console. Custom particle effects of smoke and fire gave the site a distinctive feel.

When the PlayStation 4 console was released the site was transformed. Using custom integration with Facebook, the site presented users with a very intuitive 'editor' interface that allowed them to drag and drop clips from their Facebook account into placeholder slots in the trailer. Dynamic rendering allowed users to edit clips in place to create the perfect custom edit. Final videos went through a rapid moderation process. When trailers were approved, users received a Facebook notification to view their videos and share their creations across various social networks, driving additional buzz for the game and traffic back to the site.

Measuring Success

With over 350,000 visits in a single month, gamers flocked to 'take the oath' and create their own custom trailers. Killzone: Shadow Fall has been the PS4's most successful game since launch.