Borderlands 2

2K Games

In an effort to position Borderlands 2 as 2K Games' premiere title for the 2012 holiday season, we rallied the fan base to help spread the word through social content, contests, and apps that generated sharable results. Our goal was to take the Borderlands brand from 'Core Gamer Darling' to 'Top 10 Title of 2012' and expand the Borderlands Facebook page to a million followers.

Borderlands Fandom

Borderlands fans were a small, but active on-line community who loved to share their fan art, cosplay photos, and even tattoos. We scoured through their social posts to create a campaign that was tailored to the existing fan base so that we could draw in new fans. These were our insights:

Fans want fun ways to tell their friends about their favorite game.

The game's humor is weird and crude. We ran with that.

Everybody loves to hate Claptrap, the intentionally annoying robot guide.

Strategic Planning

From high level planning to tactical rollout, those insights guided our approach to delighting and growing the fanbase:




Custom Applications

We created 3 custom Facebook apps to harness the social power of the fanbase by providing them with tools to make their friends "joy puke" with excitement for Borderlands 2.

129K social shares
350K visits

Social Content

We created pieces about every aspect of Borderlands 2 from bazillions of guns to funny in-game skills like "Come at me, bro."

fun and "flavor"
post launch dlc

Community Activations

Our fan photo contests spawned thousands of user generated submissions that were voted on and shared by the Borderlands 2 community.


The Borderlands Facebook page exploded with over 900,000 new fans, shattering the one million fan goal. Our contests and sweepstakes garnered over 40,000 entries, and our apps had over 350,000 visits leading to 130,000 shares. 80 pieces of unique content spawned hundreds of thousands of likes and shares on Facebook. This groundswell of support helped Borderlands 2 to become the highest selling 2K Games title ever.

growth of Facebook fan base

entries over 6 promotions

Facebook engagement rate