Work For Will


AT&T wanted to encourage customers to mobilize their worlds with the launch of the Nokia Lumia 920 smart phone. The phone was designed to become an extension of its owner, constantly surfacing the info that matters most to that person in real time - much like a personal assistant. We worked with BBDO, Caviar, and The Famous Group to bring the campaign to life.

The Idea

AT&T challenged users to personalize their own virtual Lumia 920 and submit it like a job application to their contest. The winner of the contest would become personal assistant for a day to one of Hollywood's most demanding personalities-- Will Arnett. But how would the winner be selected? Our goal was to create a unique contest entry experience where users could explore the features of the Nokia Lumia 920 and load out the Start Screen of their own virtual phone with apps and widgets that would be sure to meet all of the user's (and Will's) needs during a day as his personal assistant. After submitting the customized Start Screen as their contest entry, users would immediately get a personalized reaction video from Will, based on the apps selected. Users could campaign for votes on social media in order to attract Will's attention and ultimately win the position.

The Execution

Good People was responsible for the user experience, visual design, and build out of the experience. The homepage featured a full bleed video of Will introducing the Nokia Lumia 920 and his need for a personal assistant. Users then began to customize their virtual phones by selecting and arranging a variety of application tiles from sports to entertainment, music, news and social feeds onto the phone's Start Screen. Users could even customize the color of the phone and the size and placement of each app tile. We collaborated closely with the Microsoft User Experience team to ensure that our virtual Lumia 920's UI accurately represented its real world counterpart.

For users who wanted more immediate results, we offered personalized recommendations. After a user logged in with Facebook Connect, our system scraped his or her profile and suggested apps based on what the user Liked.

When satisfied with their creations, users could submit their Start Screens to Will. A response video was generated in real time, based on the user's choices. The result was the illusion that Will was actually browsing through the user's application tiles, and commenting on their phone color selection. The exact phone color and Start Screen the user had selected appeared in the video. The system also tracked the user's name onto a personalized business card held by Will Arnett. We achieved this near-instantaneous personalization through our proprietary cloud-based video rendering system that analyzed user submissions based on the tiles and colors selected, and stitched together a series of custom video clips of Will.

Once Will's response video had been generated, users could then share Will's feedback and campaign for votes on social media. One of the users with the most votes (and the best tile selection) was awarded with the job. The entire experience was optimized to work on a broad range of screen sizes, from desktops down to mobile devices.

Measuring Success

AT&T was pleased with the success of this innovative and technically challenging campaign. The experience garnered a lot of attention, thanks in part to a nationwide television commercial and other advertising support. Although the contest was brief, the experience served over 130,000 rendered videos, customized for each user, and received over 1.2 million votes.